Cinema and Game Music Orchestra (CAGMO) —

коллектив, в котором каждый музыкант — личность, самостоятельная творческая единица, вместе с другими образующая синергию. Оркестр создан на базе агентства «Неоклассика» с целью обеспечения именитых дирижеров и композиторов высококлассным симфоническим сопровождением. CAGMO не только сотрудничает с выдающимися авторами, ведет активную гастрольную деятельность и продюсирует эксклюзивные концертные программы. Своей миссией коллектив видит популяризацию современной классической музыки наряду с качественным развитием жанра. В состав оркестра входят виртуозные музыканты с высоким уровнем владения инструментом, лауреаты всероссийских и международных конкурсов, которых отличают филигранное мастерство, музыкальная чуткость и всепоглощающая страсть к неоклассике.

CAGMO — универсальный коллектив, способный играть в любых больших и малых составах, выступать с программами разной сложности и записывать саундтреки к фильмам и видеоиграм. Особая гордость — хор, слаженное и чистое звучание голосов которого наполняет репертуар особым смыслом и настроением. Среди неоспоримых преимуществ CAGMO — высочайший профессионализм, ответственность и способность воплотить любой замысел композитора, режиссера, разработчика игры, которые оставляют под впечатлением всех маэстро, которые когда-либо сотрудничали с оркестром.

“The Cinema and Game Music Orchestra is an incredible orchestra with very young & talented musicians who are highly trained, versatile and enthusiastic. It was a complete joy to meet and work with this orchestra. I hope that we can have many more experiences together. Our rehearsals were professional and friendly. Our stage performances were joyful and emotionally connected. Everyone in the orchestra had the same goals: Making incredible music together in front of a audience, filled with emotions, joy and enthusiasm. The Cinema and Game Music Orchestra is an outstanding professional musical organization.”


Paul Anthony Romero

“Conducting and performing my Lineage II Symphony with the Cinema and Game Music Orchestra was an unforgettable, incredible experience. They helped bring the score to life with unbridled energy, excitement and true passion. It was like performing with great friends that had my back at every turn. Together we created a performance that was so much fun, so emotional and memorable for me that it is difficult to put into words. They put so much care and soul into every note, and their professionalism and talent is unmistakable. I can’t wait to see them again and hear them play. What a gift!”


Bill Brown

“The Cinema and Game Music Orchestra blends its zesty, youthful energy and impeccable technical skill with expressive rendition and irresistible stage mojo. Having worked with the Cinema and Game Music Orchestra on two live concerts, I was overwhelmed by the rich, genuine beauty of their sound and performance. They work fast, either with a click track or freehand, with fluent sight-reading and understanding of diverse stylistic needs of film music. The responsiveness to a conductor’s gesture was remarkable and my personal favorite, the timing within each instrumental group, was flawless — with all players breathing and moving as one. I look forward to working with this amazing ensemble again and again.”


Abel Korzeniowski

композитор abel korzeniowski музыка концерты биография

“I simply think that the Cinema and Game Music Orchestra is fantastic. Not only are they good at playing, they are quick-witted and very emotional. Whenever I play with their musicians, I get moved by them. CAGMO makes my music more beautiful and shiny. I am grateful to meet such a jeweled orchestra in Russia and want to keep playing with them. I already played several times with this orchestra, everytime was special. I hope that everybody could see and feel them as well someday.”


Shin Jiho

“It’s amazing to listen to my music performed by CAGMO. My new album is a perfect mix of piano and orchestra and they played it very good, perfectly understood the music and my thoughts about the project. Passion and talent of the musicians are a perfect combination that I look for this project. I had a great connection with CAGMO musicians, emotional and powerful. It’s really important that they quickly understood my soul. They are really professional and we made a perfect soundtrack together.”


Alessandro Martire

Ближайшие концерты с участием музыкантов оркестра Cinema and Game Music Orchestra

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07.05.2021 — Alexandre Desplat — Москва — Московская консерватория (Большой зал)

10.05.2021 — Paul Romero — Москва — ММДМ (Светлановский зал)

12.05.2021 — Paul Romero — Санкт-Петербург — Театр “Мюзик-Холл”

15.05.2021 — Yoshihisa Hirano — Москва — ММДМ (Светлановский зал)

16.05.2021 — Yoshihisa Hirano — Москва — ММДМ (Светлановский зал)

18.05.2021 — Yoshihisa Hirano — Санкт-Петербург — ДК Ленсовета

08.06.2021 — Paul Romero — Москва — ММДМ (Светлановский зал)

09.06.2021 — Paul Romero — Москва — ММДМ (Светлановский зал)

10.06.2021 — Paul Romero — Санкт-Петербург — Театр “Мюзик-Холл”

17.07.2021 — Fabrizio Paterlini и Alessandro Martire — Москва — ММДМ (Светлановский зал)

23.07.2021 — Lineage 2 Symphony by Bill Brown — Москва — ММДМ (Светлановский зал)

25.11.2021 — Shin Jiho и Florian Christl — Москва — ММДМ (Светлановский зал)